NZ Photography Laws

NZ Photography Laws

By Simonbook - 11 Sep 2015 in Doon? 928

NZ Photography Laws

So last week in Pak n Save I was told that I am not allowed to take photos. Turns out that legally, as long as I'm not shooting people, this is not accurate, even if they have a 'no cameras' sign on the front door.

You can check out what the five-oh say about this out here:

And then Google and then read the 'Clendons NZPhotography' Document.

"Policy is not law. Even if a company has a policy that photos are not allowed, I have a policy that I can do it anyway. "

TBH I wouldn't have even bothered researching this if the staff member who pointed it out wasn't a total bitch about it.

I was taking this shot:

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