Grand Theft Auto 6 News

Grand Theft Auto 6 News

By Simonbook - 12 Oct 2015 in Geeky 844

Grand Theft Auto 6 News

1. GTA 6 WILL be released. The release date is unknown and could be anytime in the foreseeable future, assuming that date gives Rockstar enough time to make the game.

2. Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to feature a main character (or characters) that the player will be forced to control if they want to play the game.

3. The graphics will be updated and assumedly will look better than GTA V, the AI and physics will also be improved.

4. GTA 6 will NOT be released for PS1 or the Nintendo 64.

5. Players will have to avoid being caught by the police, because they can arrest or kill you.

6. The setting will take place in an open world. This area could feature, for example, beaches, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, forests, deserts, caves, atlantic wastelands and gulags.

7. If Rockstar release a multiplayer aspect, you will require an internet connection in order to play it. See, it's online.

8. Some of the shops in GTA 6 will have funny names, like 'None of My Stock is Legal' and 'Our Liquor Will Get You Fucked'. Seeing as I don't work for Rockstar I can't tell you the exact names of these shops, but they will be funny. Rockstar is good at funny.

9. GTA 6's biggest market will be North America, as this is where the most amount of people buy games like GTA 4 and also GTA 5. But the game may be released worldwide (TBC).

10. The game will feature mature content. Said content may include swearing, violence, stealing cars, beating up old ladies and seeing genitalia (as in it's like not covered up).

11. GTA 6 will be developed by Rockstar, who made some of the other GTAs. Such as Grand Theft Auto 1 and GTA 3.

12. There will be a system in place which can cause the main character to die (aka the player (though only in game)). This may happen in a variety of different ways, from being shot to falling off a ladder (ladders are an unconfirmed element).

13. One mission will require the player to drive from one point to another while preventing the aspect described in number 12 from happening. The difficulty of this mission will depend on the player's skill and how far into the game they may be.

14. There will be a map, which players can look at.

15. Radio stations will play music and have some stations that don't have music, these will be 'talk shows'. This is kind of similar to how our world works.

16. The player will be supplied with an arsenal of weapons. These vary in size and damage level. One may kill someone while the other may simply brutally maim an enemy (or passerby) depending on how many times you hit them with the object.

17. The game is supposedly set on earth, as opposed to some extraterrestrial world, and will more than likely not take place within the confines of a prison and or mammal.

18. The lead character will be voiced by an actor who will have to say a lot more dialogue than the smaller characters during these 'missions'.

19. Similar to our own existence, the game will feature its own currency which can be used to purchase various items such as weapons, explosives and sex with a prostitute.

20. This game will feature 'GTA' or as some circles refer to it as 'Grand Theft Auto' in the title, so that people understand that it is connected with the other games that have that in their title. Such as 'Grand Theft Auto' and 'Grand Theft Auto 2'.

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