The Domains Rant

The Domains Rant

By Simonbook - 08 Jan 2015 in Rants 808

The Domains Rant

I wasn't sure if this should go in Rants or Geeky as this is going to be a geeky rant, indecision aside, here it is:

So since deciding to build a social network I have been racking my brains for a name, and of course the name will require a matching domain name.
I usually have all my domains at Orcon, for a few reasons, firstly I've had the account since the beginning of time, and second, if I want a domain, I just get it and they invoice me monthly without having to pay for it on the spot, which is most times, convenient. What is NOT convenient however is that Orcon's domain lookup script is weird at the best of times, it might tell you an already registered domain is available then once you attempt to register it, registration fails as its all ready registered, and vice versa as well as other weirdness that occurs throughout the process.

It was with this hoohaa in mind that I decided to use the GoDaddy domain lookup thing for a few hours (yes it can take that long to find a dot com that is available) from which, I ended up with a list of possible options, which was then narrowed down to a few that looked, read, and sounded okay and were available - then comes the rub.

I clicked purchase - it turns out that GoDaddy's idea of available can mean that the domain is registered already, but the "GoDaddy Partner" who owns it can be emailed to discuss selling it.
While this is not a HUGE deal, it does change the nature of "Available" and also the nature of a domain registrar to "Domain Broker" which is not mentioned anywhere.
I had a live chat with a nice rep of theirs from Phoenix, Arizona who was not aware there is a difference.

To stop what could be long rant short, I find this quite frustrating, especially for someone like me, who once I have an idea, I want to sprint with it.

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