Bacon and Egg McVomit

Bacon and Egg McVomit

By Simonbook - 07 Oct 2016 in Rants 643

Bacon and Egg McVomit

Once upon a time there was a pie place, it was called Georgie Pie.
Young and drunk it was the best place to stop in the middle of the night, buy a pie for next to nothing, ignore the heat warning, jam it in your face and burn the shit out of the roof of your mouth, simple.

Unhappy with this happy arrangement the giant dick hammer that is McDonald's, bought them out and shut them down.

Fast forward some years, some online campaigns, t-shirts and complaining to bring it back, McDonald's took it upon themselves to rather poorly replicate the Georgie Pie Mince n Cheese - in my opinion, not even fucking close, this attempt however does not even come close to what is the point of this blog. This intro from the McDonald's website:

Meet the new Georgie Pie Bacon N Egg. It's the best of breakfast, baked fresh in a pie, and available all day.

If there is one thing you don't fuck around with in New Zealand, it's the pie.
Firstly Georgie Pie did not EVER have a bacon and egg pie, Second, this pie contains NO BACON, it has what seems to represent some kind of ham product (maybe), the egg, well, fuck, this could be powdered egg left over from World War 2 rations as far as I can tell. This 'pie' has NO TASTE, what it does have is a very strange texture, fake ingredients, a bullshit back story, and will one day kill someone.

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