My Grand Theft Auto Improvements - Pt. 1

My Grand Theft Auto Improvements - Pt. 1

By Simonbook - 29 Jan 2015 in Geeky 853

My Grand Theft Auto Improvements - Pt. 1

So I've just finished the PS4 single player - having done that, I have a few ideas for improving Grand Theft Auto.

See all the guns in the screenshot?
If I was to pick all those up, and assuming I have less than the max ammo for that particular weapon, in this case, a shotgun, I would simply get the ammo.

Where do the guns go?
Here is the idea. You get to pick up the guns as well, take them to Ammunation  and sell them back, either through the front door for legit guns that you own and think are shit, or through the back door with the picked up guns from Police, gangs etc.
IMO this would add another layer not just to the motive to get into gun fights, but it creates another market, which as far as buying and selling things, cars and property fall short.

Clothing Swap
This is not a big deal, but it is annoying, so this more of a rant than an idea - change your characters clothes, die or reload, and the GTA5 will randomly pick new clothes for you. Why? Why even change them then? FFS.

Characters Cars
I hate Michaels car, I hate it so much I got it painted pink because if it's going to annoy me that I can't ever sell it, then I might as well be utterly pissed off with it. For the PS4 campaign I chose to kill Michael at the end, just so I don't have to suffer that lump of shit again.

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