My Grand Theft Auto Improvements - Pt. 2

My Grand Theft Auto Improvements - Pt. 2

By Simonbook - 06 Feb 2015 in Geeky 1103

My Grand Theft Auto Improvements - Pt. 2

Since posting part one, Rockstar have made some suggestions about Grand Theft Auto 6: Rockstar Games President, Leslie Benzies said: "We've got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do. We don't know what GTA 6 will be, but we've got some ideas".
Well so do I. So here's part two of my improvement ideas:

Pick up stuff
When you run into a pedestrian, typically they drop whatever they are carrying, this can be a cigarette, a coffee, and umbrella, and in some cases clothing such as hats, sunglasses etc - Since we can buy most of these things from the various stores, why not let us pick them up?

First Person car interiors
Since adding first person to GTA5 the detail of the cars interior becomes something of interest when comparing between cars, especially between car ages, some of the old cars have those huge classic dials. But if like me, you tend to stick to your favourite car, in my case the Zentorno, it might be nice if we could customize the dash etc to match the outside theme of the car.

Skate Parks
Why oh why do none of the skate parks have usable, or ANY (for that matter) skateboards? Yes you can fling your car into a half pipe or ride a bicycle or motorbike on it, but come on!

Terminator Cops
One of my bored activities in GTA5 consists of seeing how many people I can murder via head-on collision before my car explodes - however (there does always seem to be a however) for whatever reason, NO head-on collision will kill cops in their cars. Wtf are they? Robots?

How about this weather?
We had snow (see my GTA5 snow rant), we have rain (which creates the most realistic puddles in any game IMO) so how about some tornadoes, hail, lighting strikes, hurricanes?

Will this series have a part 3?
I think so.

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