Rage Against the Routine

Rage Against the Routine

By Simonbook - 09 Feb 2015 in Rants 778

Rage Against the Routine

At the risk of sounding like one of those awakening/conspiracy "know the truth" type articles that are often shared around social networks (and yes I have read them too), I thought I might share what may be seen as something similar to an extent.

With recent suggestion that in some places in this "free world" it will soon become an "offence" to grow your own food, you have to stop and take a look at how far from the base laws of society we have come.
In keeping what could turn into an epic article on what is a HUGE subject, I'll simply say that if the "system" in its current state was a partner in a relationship, it would be deemed under its own rule to be an abusive relationship.

Michael Tellinger (South African author, songwriter and politician) said something like: "I did not agree to any of these rules by default, just by being born", and as easy as it is to roll over with the common notion of "you just play the hand that you are dealt", if you ever wanted to put the cards down and leave the table, you might find that your feet are nailed to the floor.

While writing the above, I found I had to remove massive paragraphs - I could have included the media, the government, the matrix, tin foil hats, aliens etc I could have written a book, it wouldn't have been a very original book however, because as much as you think you are enjoying everything, there is an underlying current of dissatisfaction running through us all, feeding the frustration of knowing that ultimately there is fuck all you can do about it, we have all already read that book, so I think I'll just end with this:

Stop. Look around. There are many tiny little things, going on around you, under your feet even, that are much much bigger than the seemingly giant noise generated by the matrix we are involved in.

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