My Grand Theft Auto Improvements - Pt. 3

My Grand Theft Auto Improvements - Pt. 3

By Simonbook - 23 Feb 2015 in Geeky 787

My Grand Theft Auto Improvements - Pt. 3

Looking back I've noticed that I've posted quite a lot about GTA5 so this will be the last one for a while unless something amazing happens (or heist is finally available). So here is my GTA5 improvements part 3.

Pick up more things
I mentioned in my previous suggestions about picking up items that APCs have dropped however you may have noticed the amount of tools in sheds, building sites, in the back of trucks etc such as spades,shovels, pick axes, rakes - we can already buy a hammer or tomahawk so why not use these as a temp melee weapon?

The Trains
In previous versions of GTA we could drive the train (somewhat pointless really) and stop the train - in GTA5 NO amount of explosive or track blockage can stop this killing machine, at least you can stop the tram sometimes.

Unarmed Running
In other games such as Counterstrike, if you disarm yourself you can run slightly faster, this makes sense to me - lets do this Rockstar.

Police Stations and Hospitals
In previous editions of GTA we could go inside Police Stations and have epic indoor battles, score weapons from the locker rooms and even go into the cells and free prisoners. Echoing the common cry of "we want to be able to go inside more buildings" - I wonder why this was removed?

Bounty Hiding
This applies just to online obviously - I enjoy going from game to game hunting bounties, one of the things that can screw with this is those players who flee to their apartments and stay there as soon as they get a bounty on their heads - its not like it costs THEM anything to have it claimed, so I propose a max amount of time that you can hide in your apartment with a bounty on your head before you are evicted.

Advanced Melee
Enjoy a fistfight? Online players have an abilities level for most attributes, flying, running, driving and stealth etc - if like me you have punched the shit out of everything enough times to get bored with the same old melee attacks - why not enable Karate/Kung Fu at a certain level?

Special Cars
There are some special/rare cars around, but they are not even worth looking at let alone driving, so how about some movie/tv cars? Which ones would you like to see?

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