GTA5 Online - NEW MODES!

GTA5 Online - NEW MODES!

By Simonbook - 05 Mar 2015 in Geeky 716

GTA5 Online - NEW MODES!

The new modes are called "Come Out to Play," "Siege Mentality," and "Hasta La Vista."

In Come Out to Play, a team of three are racing to make it home, and another team of three are trying to gun them down from motorbikes or ATVs, which they must stay on. Runners have just one life but all of their weapons; hunters have unlimited lives and just a shotgun.

In Siege Mentality, a team of up to four players are bunkered in against an invading force of six. Defenders have all of their weapons; attackers have unlimited lives and just sawn-off shotguns.

Hasta La Vista pits truckers in big-rig cabs against a team of three cyclists. The truckers are trying to crush the cyclists; the cyclists are trying to get just one of their team to cross the finish line. Truckers win only if they eliminate all three cyclists.

The update will add new daily objectives, a rotating series of three challenges each day that offer big bonus payouts. Freemode activities will include random calls from other criminals who need help in vehicle or on-foot missions.

All of the new features will be in all versions of the game on March 10. The PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5, which has been delayed three times, finally launches April 14.

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