Why u no blog

Why u no blog

By Simonbook - 14 Apr 2015 in Doon? 755

No words, that is what I have posted in the last week or so. Why?

Assisted a friend with shooting a music video at his farm.
Shot him, shot the gear, shot everything at the farm.

Had some band practice.
Shot everything in there, and around there.

Went to the beach.
(The one day this week it wasn't pissing down) Shot everything there.

Went to the local boat club again.
Shot all that shit too.

Working on Riot.
I've been working on Riot like a possessed person. I really want to get it to an 'open right up for testing' stage ASAP.

Obviously on top of this I have my regular job (which is not so regular as I work for myself) as well as family time, Playstation time and misc other shit that humans do.
I have a backlog of around 3000 photos to look through, although I'm not in a hurry to spamload them all just now.
I have some book reviews and a product review (another rant) on the way.

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