That embarrassing song you like

That embarrassing song you like

By Simonbook - 29 Jun 2015 in Misc Stuff 1174

That embarrassing song you like

Everyone has a song that they are ashamed to admit they like. My best guess its probably an 80s song.

When you consider the fact that unless a large group of people already liked that song, nobody would have heard the song at all, it would have stayed in the authors songbook, never to see the light of day, so you are not alone.

Why are people embarrassed by something they like? It's only a song.

For reasons that may be evolutionary or may be cultural, many humans consider their musical tastes to be a fundamental projection of their identities. This obviously varies in degree: some people have a much deeper emotional stake in being considered musically or culturally hip than others. It is these people who have the most to lose from having their love of Britney Spears made public.

Music discovery nowadays is built around feeling good. With so much new music out there a tastemaker is going to want you to feel good about choosing to listen to their great new band - dissing you for your current listening is going to become a poor strategy.

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