Worlds End - What would you miss?

Worlds End - What would you miss?

By Simonbook - 06 Aug 2015 in Misc Stuff 931

Worlds End - What would you miss?

So I was reading an article at titled 'Is something coming in September Why are so many people storing food and supplies' - This coupled with the audiobook zombie series I am currently listening to called 'Mountain Man' got me thinking... what would the real hard to find things be, and/or the most missed?

In 'Mountain Man' it seems to be mostly ammo, but surprisingly Toilet Paper is the most coveted item of the hero, along with a hot bath (there is no power). Food would always be a thing, mainly hot, cooked food, however animals and fire have never been hard to come by.

We've all by now seen the 'Zombie Survival Kits' all over the internet, they range from small to large, the smallest mostly being an axe, chocolate, guns (no extra ammo), to the large kits with a tent, spade, medicine, soap, clothing, torch etc  (better thought out) - None (and I checked) contained any TP.

In short, whether its religious, zombies, nukes, aliens, or natural - there is no way I'm surviving with a shitty ass.

What is your one thing?

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