The New Zealand Flag

The New Zealand Flag

By Simonbook - 13 Aug 2015 in Rants 1810

The New Zealand Flag

If you are not from around here or haven't been paying attention to the media (I wouldn't suggest you do anyway) there is a debate going on in New Zealand regarding whether we should change/update our flag.

As to be expected this is a contentious issue for many people, the rest, well, they don't give a shit.

- The New Zealand flag is 112 years old and will cost (at current estimates) around 30 million NZD to decide upon.
- The publicity blitz around selecting the new designs, which begins on Anzac Day next year, will cost $6.7 million, while the two referendums will cost $17.3 million.
- Other costs will take the overall bill to $25.7 million whether the flag is changed or not.
- A regulatory impact statement estimates additional costs of up to $2.66 million to replace flags and Defence Force uniforms if the flag is changed.
- Other costs, including changing flags on government ships and on drivers' licences, were unknown.

You know what? Fuck it.
New Zealand have been world leaders many times at being different to everyone else, we banned nuclear powered ships coming here, we gave women the vote first, and lots of other 'cool as shit' stuff, so - how about we become the first country with NO FLAG AT ALL.

All a flag does is represent an imaginary boundary which serves to separate one group of humans from another, have we learned nothing by giving and taking so many rights from each other over the years that we haven't already come to the point of understanding that you can neither take rights nor give rights to anyone, let alone specific segments of what (in my opinion) is not even our planet (do some research) to divide up.
"Patriotism is next to Xenophobia, which is next to Racism." - Simon Levick.

There will never be a design that pleases everyone, the current flag, or a new one - this is yet another example of wasted resources.

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