Pen clicking finger drummers

Pen clicking finger drummers

By Simonbook - 15 Aug 2015 in Rants 1557

Pen clicking finger drummers

We've all been put in the situation where someone is drumming their fingers, clicking a pen, humming a loop or some other irritating thing, where you simply must put a stop to it. You patiently wait, maybe they will stop any moment now - they do not.

What you end up saying is something like:

"Hey could you please stop doing [thing] - it's kind of annoying"

What you are thinking:

"I'm going to snap off those fucking fingers and throw them out the window if you don't shut the fuck up"

Most normal people might reply with "Sure, sorry about that" - BUT - Would society as we know it come to a grinding halt if the reply was ever "No - I'm enjoying clicking this pen but also I'm sorry you are irritated by it's sound".

Has the above ever happened? Did anyone survive?

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