The Problem with Shoes

The Problem with Shoes

By Simonbook - 31 Aug 2015 in Rants 1701

The Problem with Shoes

I have come to the conclusion that socks should just be 'indoor shoes' - How I came to this epiphany is really quite simple, there is something inherently wrong with shoes.

Most shoes, apart from many womens shoes (btw I'm not considering Jandals and Crocs as shoes here) require socks. The simple fact that we need to wear something inside the shoe tells me that the shoes overall design is flawed. The common reasons for wearing socks inside shoes are:

  • Shoes will hurt your dainty feet.
  • Your pussy feet might get cold.
  • If your pants are too short, someone might see your stupid ankles.
  • Some countries consider the ankle to be pornographic.

The solution
I realize that the following suggestions will cripple the sock empires grip it currently has on the planet:

  • Make the inside of shoes not hurt peoples fucking feet.
  • Make the fucking shoes warmer.
  • Wear high-top shoes or get over your fear of your ugly ankles.
  • Supply free ankle porn to create an immunity to ankle porn.

With these solutions in place, the sock can finally become just an 'indoor shoe'.

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